Spanish and Farsi translations for “Particle Physics for Babies”!

One of the nice features of Particle Physics for Babies is that it comes with downloadable captions, so that even if you are no expert in particle physics, you can explain the pictures with confidence. Upon release, we had the captions in English, with translations into French and German available (kindly provided by Dr Nicolas Arnaud and Prof. Dr. Christian Klein-Bösing).

Well, today we are delighted to say that we’ve added two new translations to our repertoire: Spanish and Farsi (Persian), kindly provided by Dr. Tamara Vazquez Schröder and Dr. Soleiman Rasouli respectively !

Hopefully this will open the door to an even wider audience, breaking down barriers to entry to science all over the world. We have more translations in the pipeline (Portuguese, Polish, Kurdish, Estonian…) but there are plenty of uncovered languages. If you think you could help with other languages (Italian, Mandarin, Hindi…) , please get in touch, there is a free book in it for you !

As a reminder, Particle Physics for Babies is available from the CERN gift shop, the ATLAS secretariat at CERN or online from me here.

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