Long-lived particle searches featured on CERN “news” page

ATLAS event display for a data event with a pair of “displaced jets”, which are narrow, largely trackless and have most of their energy in the hadronic part of the calorimeter. (Image: CERN)

A “Physics News” article I co-wrote about ATLAS searches for long-lived particles is featured on the CERN News page! Take a look here!

It features my own search (which I’ve posted about before) as well as two other searches which came out this year from the group I lead: one looking for long-lived “dark photons” and the other for heavy neutrinos. It also discussed a search for a charged long-lived particle, which has an intriguing excess, but which sadly does not seem to be compatible with a new-physics signal. The LHC is starting up again this year: more data will help us to continue this programme of searches for new particles.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the read!


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