Measuring the four-lepton invariant mass spectrum

The headline measurement of the detector-corrected differential cross section for four-lepton production at 13 TeV. (Photo: ATLAS)

The latest paper I worked on is out on the arXiv today !

It’s a detector-corrected measurement of the four-lepton invariant mass spectrum at the LHC. A rich and varied assortment of Standard Model physics processes contribute to this spectrum, which make it a great place to search for deviations and signs of new physics. The fact that it’s a fully-leptonic signature makes it particularly clean. In this case, no significant deviations from the expected spectrum were observed — and this means we can use this measurement to draw lines in the sand against a swath of new physics models. The measurement was specifically designed to be re-interpreted in this way, with tools like CONTUR (, which I help develop).


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